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CryptoHopper Alternatives

Top 5 CryptoHopper Alternatives

Summary (TL;DR)

  • CryptoHopper is one of the best places to go for crypto trading bots.
  • 3Commas is a very well-known cryptocurrency trading bot platform headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and was launched in 2017.
  • Finally, Bitsgap is a crypto trading bot, and you can connect it to over 25 of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Napbots, once available exclusively to hedge funds, is a cloud-based, AI-powered system that lets everyone trade crypto assets.
  • TradeSanta, is a platform for crypto trading bots that concentrates on automating trading strategies.
  • Zignaly, the cloud-based crypto trading bot platform with various useful functions for a wide variety of investors.

What is CryptoHopper?

Best Cryptohopper Alternatives

CryptoHopper Alternatives: 3Commas

What is 3Commas?

CryptoHopper Alternatives: 3Commas

3Commas Pricing

What are the benefits of using 3Commas?

  1. 3Commas provides access to the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
  2. Provides options for social trading.

CryptoHopper Alternatives: Bitsgap

What is Bitsgap?

Bitsgap Pricing

What are the benefits of Bitsgap?

  1. Close to 30 cryptocurrency exchanges are included.
  2. A large number of trading options are available, and the ability to set up multiple monetary accounts.
  3. Bitsgap allows for fiat currency conversion.

CryptoHopper Alternatives: NapBots

What is Napbots?

How to Get Started with NapBots and Make Money?

  • Firstly, connect to one of the available trading exchanges first.
  • Secondly, choose from NapBots‘ impressive list of performing Bots.
  • Finally, pick an investing strategy that suits you the most.

Napbots: Supported Exchanges

Napbots Pricing

Why Choose NapBots?

  • By applying their established trading techniques, the platform can offer quantitative trading strategies formerly reserved for hedge funds to the public.
  • The distinctive and straightforward methodology of NapBots results in outstanding ROI. Furthermore, the creators of NapBots have considerable financial market expertise. Additionally, passive sources of income like this service function even when you’re asleep.
  • Pricing is straightforward, and there are no startup costs.

CryptoHopper Alternatives: TradeSanta

What is TradeSanta?

TradeSanta Supported Exchanges

TradeSanta Pricing

What are the benefits of using TradeSanta?

  1. The platform that is simple and basic
  2. TradeSanta supports several different trading bots and other trading tools.
  3. The platform is hosted on the cloud.

CryptoHopper Alternatives: Zignaly

What is Zignaly?

Zignaly Pricing

What are the benefits of using Zignaly?

  1. Integrating third-party signal providers has several advantages.
  2. You can set up a free account at Zignaly.
  3. The platform is hosted on the cloud.

CryptoHopper Alternatives: Conclusion

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