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Cryptohopper Review — Still Best Trading Bot Platform in 2021?

What is Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper Review: Summary

  • Cryptohopper supports 13 major exchanges. Check here.
  • Intuitive; blends expert-level tools with user-friendly tools and configuration options.
  • Fully functional, mirroring the desktop framework
  • $0 to connect your brokerage accounts.
  • AI based trading platform.
  • Demo Trading available for beginners
  • 7 days free trial period for new users.
  • Also available in Mobile app

How does Cryptohopper work?

How to get started with Cryptohopper?

Step 1. Create an Account

Step 2 — Set up your Crypthopper Account

Step 3. Connect your Exchange

Step 4. Create a Hopper or Choose of Existing Templates

Cryptohopper Review: Demo Trading

Cryptohopper Fees

Cryptohopper Review: Features

Cryptohopper Market Making Bot

Cryptohopper Market Arbitrage Tool

  1. Exchange Arbitrage: The prices between the exchange can be different depending on the supply and demand. To engage in exchange arbitrage, you must own the coins with which you wish to arbitrage. Suppose your base currency is USD, and you’ve noticed that IOTA, ATOM, and ADA are prone to providing arbitrage opportunities among certain exchanges. Then, you’ll need to have both of these coins on two (or more) exchanges where you want to arbitrage.
  2. Market Arbitrage: The Market Arbitrage bot would search for inefficiencies in the market inside a single exchange. It can accomplish this by exploiting price discrepancies between the currencies listed on your exchange. More precisely, it will execute three different trades to increase the sum of the selected base coin. Market arbitrage is most effective on markets with low trading volumes.

Cryptohopper Strategy Designer

Cryptohopper Review: Paper Trading Mode

Cryptohopper MarketPlace

Cryptohopper Pricing

Cryptohopper Mobile App Review

  • High-level security features: The Cryptohopper app includes biometric security features to ensure that your assets are only accessible by you.
  • Optional push notifications: Configure push notifications to receive real-time updates on predefined causes, trends, pending orders, and other events. From your phone’s main screen, you can monitor your progress and positions.
  • You can place orders with a single click. Cryptohopper’s web app is just as simple to use as its desktop counterparts.
  • Execute trades using a single order and control your positions from anywhere.

Cryptohopper Review: User Experience

Cryptohopper Review: Customer Service

Is Cryptohopper Legit?

Cryptohopper Review: Pros and Cons

Cryptohopper Review: Conclusion



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