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CSC | An Efficient Blockchain Technology for Smart and Secure Applications.

The CoinEx Smart Chain — CSC

What is CSC

CoinEx Smart Chain — CSC, Based on PoS consensus protocol, is a highly decentralized and energy efficient Blockchain network. CSC makes it easy to build your own decentralized applications.

Features of CSC

Here, well take a close look at various advantages of the Blockchain as why this technology is becoming widespread and accepted all over

Advantages of CoinEx Smart Chain — CSC

  • High security and less fraud
  • Low-cost transaction
  • Faster processing time
  • Free of friction
  • Assets are controlled by the owner
  • Verification is independent
  • More transaction trust
  • It is completely transparent, so it is safer.

Some Use cases of CSC Blockchain technology

While cryptocurrency is still the most commonly implemented use of blockchain technology, leaders in every industry are exploring the possibilities of adopting it for a wide variety of purposes. Some of the potential uses of blockchain technology include the following:

  • Storage of protected health information
  • Creation of smart contracts
  • Establishing provenance of creative work


With Great power comes great Responsibilities

What are dApps?

DApps are software applications that exist on smart contract blockchains like CSC. DApps are built on existing blockchains. Instead of relying on centralized computer servers, DApps employ code that executes by itself once pre-programmed conditions are met called smart contracts and to fulfill users’ requests.

For More on CSC, Visit CSC


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