Nebulas Dapp tutorial

Part 1

Currently every Dapp submitted on Nebulas will receive 100 NAS == $1000 Sign Up here.

Today were going to show how the Dapp works on Nebulas.

This is what I built. Play the Dapp

source code Here

Step 1

Create a NAS Wallet on TestNet — check my previous tutorial

Step 2

We need test tokens for our NAS Wallet from TestNet so head over there now: Claim Tokens

Step 3

In order to use the Smart Contract Functions were going to need to install the Web Extension Wallet.

terminal git clone

Step 4

in Chrome browser: More tools / Extensions

click enable developer and click LOAD UNPACKED &

Select WebExtensionWallet folder and click SELECT

You will see this below

Note: Note: if you can’t find the web extension on chrome it might be hidden so just click the hidden field where I icon might be. it worked for me or create a short cut key for that extension.

Open the extension and select testnet.

Unlock your wallet and send NAS to your self

you will see this after you submit NAS to yourself. Just wait 1 minute until TxReceipt Status reads Success.

Now go back to the main Dapp or the github code index.html file and refresh the page. You can go ahead and use this Dapp now.

Create a Quote such as this example and sign your name. Click Save Forever and this will save it to the Nebulas blockchain

A pop up will show like this. Check out the contract args: you can see the rock & Can you smell what the rock is cooking. Click Confirm

This will take you here. Do you see TxReceipt Status == Success. This means the transaction was successful to the blockchain. Lets test it.

Go to the search section by scrolling down and type the rock

You should see this

This text is saved to the blockchain. Decentralized app. Thats a Dapp on Nebulas.

Next up how to Smart Contract for the Dapp — Coming soon

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Nebulas Dapp competition. I will refer you and we both get extra NAS.

I will teach you how to build a Dapp from the ground up in my coming tutorials.

By creating a Dapp and submitting it you will get 100 NAS which is equal to $1000 as of today. If you use my link we both get a bonus 10 NAS.