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Did you set approval for all?

  • Every ERC-721 compliant contract must implement the ERC721 and ERC165 interfaces
  • A wallet/broker/auction application MUST implement the wallet interface if it will accept safe transfers.
  • The metadata extension is OPTIONAL for ERC-721 smart contracts . This allows your smart contract to be interrogated for its name and for details about the assets which your NFTs represent.
  • The enumeration extension is OPTIONAL for ERC-721 smart contracts . This allows your contract to publish its full list of NFTs and make them discoverable.
  1. Do not fall for the hacked-discord-twitter-mint scam. Anytime a discord/twitter is hacked, the hackers will post some sort of link to mint from. If the account belongs to a prominent project (Nouns, BAYC, etc), then it’s very very unlikely they would do a stealth drop.
  2. If you are minting an NFT, try to mint directly from the contract. This is especially true for free mints where you know very little about the project team. try to mint from websites for reputable projects that have teams that are shown to be legit.
  3. Sometimes you have to mint from the website (due to a required signature). In these cases, make sure you are not signing a txn that calls setApprovalForAll or approve. There is almost no scenario in which an approval should be needed for a mint. Also, USE A BURNER WALLET.
  4. If you accidentally gave an approval you shouldn’t have, you’re probably out of luck. In the off-chance your NFTs haven’t been stolen, you can use to clear approvals. If you see an approval for a non-marketplace like below, you should click revoke.



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