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Review of several and also coins with

Watch where altFINS CEO Richard Fetyko explains technical analysis of coins:


TA of Polygon (MATIC): up 60% since June lows ~ $0.30 and just made a Higher Low…early signs of trend reversal?

MATIC price analysis

TA of Oasis Network (ROSE): trading sideways around $0.05 for nearly 2 months…building a base for a move up?

Rose price analysis

TA of Doge Coin (DOGE): On the verge of bullishly breaking out from Channel Down…keep an eye on $0.07 horizontal resistance level which lines up with Channel’s resistance trendline.

DOGE price analysis

TA of SandBox (SAND): Bullish breakout from Falling Wedge. Near-term trend turns bullish. Could reach $1.50 resistance (up 50% since breakout) but that’s a stiff level. If it breaks above that, it would signal trend reversal.

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SAND price analysis

TA of ChainLink (LINK): On the verge of bullishly breaking out from a Falling Wedge pattern, which could signal trend reversal and likely move the price to $8 resistance level.

LINK price analysis

TA of Stellar (XLM): Reaching the pinnacle of Descending Triangle. Typically, this pattern results in downside breakout (bearish), which would mean below $0.10. Let’s wait and see.

XLM price analysis

TA of AAVE: Trading in a Falling Wedge and nearing a pinnacle. Hence, breakout (bullish or bearish) is approaching. A bullish breakout could signal trend reversal and push the price up to $100 or so.

AAVE price analysis

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