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Hey Guys,

I have a question, how do you discover new Crypto products? (and I am not talking about Tokens/Coins)

  • Reddit? Twitter? Bitcointalk?

Yes, that’s how most people discover new Crypto products, but I think we can do better.

Now anyone can list their Crypto products/Open-source libraries on CoinCodeCap. But wait there is more…

  • Users can upvote their favorite projects.
  • Users can comment on their favorite projects.
  • Users will able to review products (Work in progress)

We have launched this feature this week, and a few awesome projects listed themself. And if you want to showcase your crypto product to the community, get listed on CoinCodeCap.

Products listed so far -

  • Dappnode — Run nodes and get paid for it.
  • Shrimpy — Automated Portfolio Management & Crypto Trading
  • QuikNode — Easy way to run Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes
  • ParaSwap — ParaSwap is the fastest DEX aggregator for traders and dApps
  • Truffle — Sweet Tools For Smart Contracts
  • Jelly Swap — Decentralized and secure cross-chain atomic swap
  • Remix — Ethereum IDE
  • weiDex — Fully Decentralized Exchange with User-Friendly Interface
  • TradePlan — Scan entire exchange instantly using technical indicators
  • Outlet.Finance — Cash accounts with the highest interest rate in the world.
  • 3Box — Easy user-controlled distributed storage for DApps

So go on upvote these products and get listed on CoinCodeCap.

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