Introducing Discoveryblock

A smart spaceship to navigate the Technology Universe

Hi! I am Carlos, Blockchain expert at Discovery👋

It’s been already a few months since I joined the Discovery team, and this article will provide a quick update about the progress that has been made recently on the front-end side and data tokenizer of the ultimate technology browser platform.

Simply Beautiful

Discovery will feature an entirely intuitive interface. There was a need to align the app and it’s updated graphical identity, design principles and use cases to the origin of the project. Exciting!

As you can see, this interface is fast, clean, perceptive, consistent and modular. And the way we want to achieve this is by creating a technologic and innovative universe. Discovery is inspired on the cosmos, where users can navigate in the immersive universe of tech.

Expert Content

Categories are presented in bubbles. Yes, bubbles that are aligned forming unique constellations -as real ones, they will change with the point of view of users! The smooth experience is delivered via intuition. Priority nº1 is providing information extremely structured, and navigate intuitively to find your relevant solutions and services in instants.


  • General & Specific: Discovery covers all the spectrum of services for innovation opportunities and new technologies integration.
  • Complete: It includes all the agents and market solution to help and assist businesses on technological transformation to adapt their businesses to the market needs.
  • Intuitive: An immersive visual design to embed and find intuitively without knowing the technical sector or argot.
  • Simple: Due to the collective intelligence from sector experts to explain new technologies and/or top innovative resources which usually are hard for the average user are explained easily.
  • Equitative: This ultimate technological bowser platform is powered by a decentralized architecture, thus making it highly secure, privacy-oriented, distributive and fair.

Get Started


The most attractive user experienced in the platform is discovering. Being able to navigate freely through a cosmos of innovative solutions to upgrade your company is simply beautiful. Typical market descriptions set by experts act as signposts for easiest navigation


Visit and compare between different technology and innovation products/services smoothly while comparing attributes and quantified indicators. Add filters to reduce the complexity of the searching to a more specific target.


Establish online contact with solution providers and sectoral advisors via real-time video exactly at the time you need it, so you can end up your session with a shortlist of the best fit solutions for you.



Why? Discovery architecture uses Blockchain for data tokenization services within the platform, this means every value exchange between information providers and consumers is tokenized to create a dynamic and consistent collaborative ecosystem managed by tokens.

Since priority nº1 is allowing a micro-transactional platform where value (tokens) is distributed proportionally and equitably, we are implementing new technologies that allow instant transactions at extremely low fees.

Bob & Alice are connected through a “channel”.

A “channel” is essentially a virtual money tube that connects peers within the network.

If you would like to try this innovative universe, go to and request the demo. It’s really cool!