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You may not have gotten the opportunity to get the best education, or you may have gone to school, graduated, tried everything including work or not, and so you feel frustrated or useless, I don’t care what your circumstance is but I’m here to show you a way out and that is “BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY”. Blockchain technology by far can be used as a metric to determine if indeed you are as useless as you think or not. This is because blockchain goes beyond the scope of academics, profession or exposure. One unique thing about Blockchain technology is that it offers a welcoming hand to everyone irrespective of their status, geography, and even profession. This means that anybody, from anywhere, can dive into the blockchain with little or no effort and so in this article, we shall be considering the followings:

  • 3 Simple opportunities in the blockchain that anybody can do
  • How to access these opportunities and
  • Where to find them.

I also have an extra tip at the end of this article so don’t miss it . However, before we proceed, it is only fair, to refresh our minds on what blockchain technology is all about.

Blockchain technology is a kind of record-keeping technology that processes data stored on it, across many different computers thereby making the data stored, tamper-proof. This means that once information or transaction is stored on the blockchain, they cannot be removed or edited. Let us take, for instance, if I send money to you through the blockchain, this information is recorded and everybody that has access to the blockchain also has access to this information so, if I decide to clear this information on my device, it still doesn’t make a meaningful sense because the transaction history can be accessed on other devices.

Blockchain technology has had a drastic growth from the time of inception till now, however, it is invariable in its tender form so, more hands are needed to ensure this technology gets to its highest peak.

Before we proceed, it is very important that we note that blockchain technology is a community-centred technology and there is a need for any blockchain project to develop or have a community before it can thrive in this space and so, it will offer you so many opportunities to earn, just by doing the normal regular things you do daily, things like playing, chatting with others, networking, etc.

Having said that, we shall be considering these 3 most simple community-centred opportunities of the blockchain thus:

  • Gaming
  • Chat generator
  • Shilling

Gaming: a lot of people play games for fun. Unknown to them, you can actually have fun and make money at the same time while playing games. That’s more like using the same stone to kill two birds. Well, that’s the kind of opportunity the blockchain offers. We have cases in Africa where parents scold their kids and even believe they would amount to nothing simply because they play games. All thanks to the blockchain for turning the story around. People play the play station (PS)games, and mortal combat, and still earn nothing. Today, we have different blockchain game contests and tournaments that will pay you thousands of dollars just to play games. Games like Axie infinity, and thetan arena, are perfect example of blockchain game that pays you to play. and at this point, gaming is no longer restricted to children but in fact, adults have taken over the space for the quest to earn more. we also have cases where people quit their jobs just to become full-time gamers. That’s the power of the blockchain.

Chat generator: A chat generator is a person who generates a chat. Suppose you make use of Facebook or telegrams. In that case, I’m sure that on one or two occasions you have discussed with people either in a particular community discussion, the topic of interest or some unknown people who may have slid into your DM just to get to know you more or to share their own ideas. So long as you have the skill to engage with people and share ideas about your specific topic or niche, you can do the work of a chat generator. Now I know that you may be asking why different blockchain projects will pay you to generate chat. Like I said earlier, blockchain is a community-centred technology and that is why, when a person joins a blockchain community and goes through the previous chats in the community, this simple act of previous community chat history can determine if the person stays in that community or not. And so, blockchain projects will pay you as a chat generator to motivate people to discuss or share their thoughts about the different solutions of their projects.

Shilling: We are not talking about the former British coin rather we are talking about an indirect form of promoting a blockchain project. In crypto, there are a lot of cryptocurrency projects trooping out every day and there is a need to create awareness, and demand for those projects in every possible way other than the regular marketing structure. To do this, you need people to start talking about these projects and their offers. A crypto Shiller will talk about your project strategically in threads and posts, join different discussion platforms, waiting for an opportunity to introduce his own project. He also searches for similar project communities with lots of community engagement on different social media platforms, joins their communities, participates in their events and seeks opportunities to talk about the unique qualities or similarities in his own project. By doing these, people begin to get aware of this project and can even make more research about it.

One important thing to note here is that the blockchain community identifies shilling as a sort of offence because it tends to take other people’s community members, miss guide people as well as escalate the potential of a project’s popularity and so that is why shilling is a skill that must be done strategically.

There are so many other simple blockchain jobs you can do even without having prior skills. Click here to learn more about how to get a crypto job without experience. Having considered these many blockchain jobs, how then or where do we find these opportunities?

Where to find these Opportunities

There are lots of places you can search for blockchain-related jobs however, we shall mention a few:

Search engines: A search engine like google and bing is a very great tool for blockchain jobs. All you need do is to open your google and type what you are looking for.

Websites: There are lots of websites that focus specifically on listing blockchain jobs. These websites inform people of the latest blockchain companies and jobs sourcing to hire a new skill. The likes of:

  • , etc

Social media: The place of social media as an effective tool for information dissemination cannot be overemphasized hence, we can find these jobs on social media like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, medium, Reddit, TikTok, and Facebook, etc. All you need do is to go to any of the social media and type what you are looking for. Example: If you are looking for a shilling role on Twitter, all you need do is to use the search button and type “hiring blockchain Shiller” or “ hiring crypto Shiller” or even “hiring Nft Shiller”. Then scroll to the latest updates.

Here, you will notice the use of the keyword: “blockchain, crypto, Nft, Defi,” etc. The keyword makes it niche down to the exact field and community you are looking for.

I promised to give an extra tip at the beginning of this article and here it is.

  1. Build your portfolio: One of the fastest ways to get a blockchain job is to “build your portfolio”. The majority of blockchain projects want people who can deliver and so, most of them would decline your offer if you don’t have the relevant experience. But then, what do you do to build your experience?
  • Identify what you want to do and focus on it till you become a professional before switching to another scope. I hear people say something like “I am a content writer, a community manager, a Shiller, a social media manager and a chat generator”. Truth is, these can be your added skills but then you need to specify what you do so that search engines and social media algorithms can rank you high. Pick one of them and focus on it.
  • Volunteer: As a writer, you can volunteer to write articles for different projects within a specified period of time. Remember, the idea is to build your portfolio and gain experience.
  • Join a Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and become a contributor writer. Dao’s are a great way of scaling through with any skill whatsoever you wish to improve upon.
  • Become an intern. Although most of the blockchain internship roles are paid, it is also a great opportunity to gatherer experience because in most cases, the projects end up hiring their best interns.

2. Upgrade your social media page: Ensure you use the right keywords, professional pictures and cover photos on your profile and about sections.

3. Be intentional with your content: Don’t just post about anything on your page. Post things that resonate with the skills you offer. This is because you are a brand and you want others to see you that way. Even though we can sometimes post things that are off points, however, as a beginner, do not make the mistake of posting irrelevant things or things that are not related to what you are offering. Imagine you talking about Defi today, sports tomorrow, relationships, gossip, etc. your page automatically becomes a joke. So, as I said earlier. Be intentional with your content.

4. Pick just one social media and grow: I see a lot of people making the mistake of trying to grow almost all their social media platforms at once. Truth is, you will not go far doing that. As they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none. When you start with a particular social media, you begin to grow it by “consistently” posting relevant things that suit your target audience and when you may have succeeded in growing this channel, you can easily encourage your audience to go follow you on the next social media you plan to dive next into. That is why you will see top influencers on Facebook, redirecting you to the Youtube page.

5. Join a community: Just like the saying, “No one is an island of knowledge”. Joining a community helps you to learn faster, and promote yourself by sharing ideas as well as networking with others. There are lots of blockchain education communities you can join and the most interesting part is that you get lots of job opportunities by belonging to some of these communities. The likes of the Crypto Bootcamp Community (CBC), Blockchain African Community (BAC), and Valucop Global are among the top trending blockchain education communities worldwide.


Blockchain technology has offered a lot of opportunities to mankind irrespective of whether you are a graduate, a business person, a doctor, a farmer or just anybody. A Blockchain is a place of value where everyone has something to offer. It’s either you are giving value or you are taking value. So, I have listed some of the most simplest blockchain jobs, do you still think you are useless? Why not join a community today to start learning how to leverage the potential of the blockchain?

Always remember that the Blockchain is here for you.

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