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Down to rabbit hole 🐰

⚠️ 🚨 Next recession knocking at the doors, Buy Bitcoin. 🚨 ⚠️

I know many of you have a lot of questions and confusion about cryptocurrencies, but if you read all the stories mentioned in today’s newsletter, you will have all the answers. pinky promise 😆

CoinCodeCap Update

This week, we added “Active authors” metrics on CoinCodeCap. Now you can how many authors are actively contributing to a Project’s codebase, read more.

“For as long as the government could print more money and have that money accepted by its citizens and foreigners, it could keep financing the war.” — Saifedean Ammous

Stories of the week 👇 👇

There are several stories for this weekend, so sit comfortably and read them. They are life-changing.

Stories for money nerds

  1. Bitcoin’s natural long-term power-law corridor of growth by Harold Christopher Burger
  2. A most peaceful revolution by Nic Carter
  3. Information Asymmetry in Crypto by jonathanjoseph
  4. Really, what is money? by Jose Maanmieli
  5. Decred: An Investment Thesis by wally hansen
  6. 🗺 Pax Bitcoiniana: After The Last Country on Earth by Felipe Gaúcho Pereira

Stories for tech nerds

  1. To Mixers and Beyond by Koh Wei Jie
  2. Design of Smart contracts using BDD and Cucumber by Joaquín Alfaro
  3. Understanding the Handshake Airdrop and Reserved Names by Matthew Zipkin
  4. Hedera Hashgraph — Time for some FUD by Eric Wall

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