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Enter decentralized citizenships

  • Self-sovereign identity is a decentralized citizenship that allows individuals to control their digital identity. It enables individuals to create and manage their digital identities, which can be used to access a range of decentralized applications and services.
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs): DAOs are governed by rules encoded in smart contracts on a blockchain. They are designed to operate in a decentralized and democratic manner, allowing individuals to participate in decision-making and have a say in the organization’s future.
  • Decentralized nations are communities that operate independently of traditional nation-states. They are typically organized around a shared set of values or interests and are governed by decentralized decision-making processes.
  • Local and global digital citizenships allow individuals to participate in decentralized decision-making processes and access services and resources.
  • Peer-to-peer networks allow individuals to connect and collaborate on governance and citizenship issues. This could involve creating new forms of digital platforms and networks that allow for more decentralized and democratic decision-making.

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Vladan Lausevic

I am active as a social and policy entrepreneur. SEEDS ambassador. Motto: I have no identity, I have only identities.