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GSN: The Ultimate Ethereum Onboarding Solution

This time is not different

Labor pains

More Links Anyone?? Ahhh, the joys of 1990s websites.
How obvious was in retrospective? It just works. Extracted from Dropbox Seed Deck

A visit to the dentist

Dapp Builder or Dentist?
  • Installing browser extensions to be able to use or even see a website
  • Signing up for accounts in exchanges requiring to connect your bank account
  • Spending their hard-earned money on magic internet credits just to use an app!
  • Understanding Private & Public Keys.
Dilbert by Scott Adams

Meet your old friend CAC

Meet GSN

No Metamask required. No ETH required. Don’t you feel lighter?

Unlocking innovation

  • 10x your onboarding funnel. No need to install Metamask, send them away to buy ETH or ask them to spend their money on your app before they use it.
  • Hide private & public keys. Your users don’t even need to worry about it but they can still get the benefits from owning their data and assets.
  • Faster and more reliable transaction times. Your application chooses which relay will execute the transaction and then you get the signed transaction right away.

Future Starts Today

  • Running your own relayer. Spin up a server with the open-source code and get rewarded for every transaction you put on the blockchain. See instructions in the repo.
  • Integrating GSN into your dapp. Protect your users from the pain points we have discussed above and 10x your onboarding funnel. See our docs.
  • Collaborating and contributing to the open-source code. The code is totally open source. You can contribute and send pull requests here.

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