Ethereum ❤ Digital Ocean

How to install Ethereum full node on Digital Ocean and it results


  • We need server to manage Ethereum accounts
  • We need to run it with Docker so we can run it locally.
  • We need to run it on DigitalOcean (or maybe other provider so…Docker!)



And stuck…

Try $10, faster sync but still stuck at 569,881

Try $20, faster sync but still stuck at 569,822


Try removedb

geth removedb

Still stuck at 569,982

We’re going nowhere, Let’s try on my Macbook Pro 13" w TouchBar 16gb

The results is…

currentBlock: 4631471,
highestBlock: 4631728,
knownStates: 1135919,
pulledStates: 1121936,
startingBlock: 4631429

Pretty close but I never reach highest block! I think I’ve to giving up for now (and yes I’m failed!). Because I didn’t need full node ATM so let’s try it pretty much later!

Extra : To mine

  1. Full node GPU machine with fully synced Ethereum client.
  2. Has at least one Ethereum account as coinbase (or etherbase)

That’s all for now, Happy Ether!

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