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Ethereum’s accidental hard fork/Apple is storing everything / Arya Stark is a Bitcoiner

  • If you use a Mac, Apple knows every application you run, what time you run it, and where you are when you run it, and the latest update circumvents VPNs so Apple can know your real IP address.
  • A number of cryptocurrency community members and Ethereum supporters complained about network issues on Wednesday morning. The issue was resolved soon after.


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Latest News 📰

  • Biden Confirms Crypto-Savvy Gary Gensler Will Lead Financial Policy Transition Team
  • Ethereum Suffers from Unintended ‘Chain Split,’ Third-Party Services ‘Got Stuck on Minority Chain’
  • World’s Second-Biggest Bank to Issue $3B in Bonds Tradable for Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash Crashes as Hard Fork Goes Live
  • UK Treasury to publish draft stablecoin regulations
  • PayPal Removes Waitlist for New Crypto Service
  • Citibank Executive Says Bitcoin Could Pass $300K by December 2021
  • Bitcoin Is Gunning for a Record and No One Is Talking About It
  • Arya stark becoming the newest Bitcoiner?
  • Licensed Swiss Crypto Bank Launches Tezos Trading and Staking
  • Almost 40% of liquidity on Uniswap has left the platform as incentives dry up.
  • $2 million stolen in Akropolis DeFi exploit
  • Defi Protocol That Bragged About Having Flash Loan Attack Prevention Hacked for $6 Million
  • Origin Protocol Loses $7M in Latest DeFi Attack
  • Cheese Bank’s multi-million dollar hack explained by a security firm
  • U.S. law firm says IRS is coming after Coinbase users who evade taxes

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  • Etherflow — Ethereum node debugger & RPC call composer
  • Factotum MetaIDE for Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Miao — EVM Transaction Decoder
  • Eth2 fork monitor
  • DIDKit — A cross-platform toolkit for working with W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs)
  • TezQuery — The Tezos blockchain exposed as a graph structure
  • A central list of public, free RPC endpoints & their current status.

Podcasts & Videos 💽

  • Circles — Creating Universal Basic Income Economies for Everyone
  • Interview with a Spartan
  • LiquidStake — Andrew Keys & James Slazas

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