Blockchain romanticized— make yourself eternal

Blocks without a chain. When stepped on, causes terrible pain, luckily only temporary, not eternal.

I am looking for a job in a blockchain space, so I’ve figured that before I actually start talking to companies, I should do the first step and build something. That’s how was born.

Blockchain romanticization

I’ve created smart contract on Ethereum blockchain and webApp as interface to it.

The main idea behind the ethernalMessage is to take the basic properties of blockchain — immutability, irreversibility, replication, accessibility and create something romantic and beautiful on top of it.

My smart contract is simple — it stores messages submitted to it. That sounds boring, here’s how I want you to think about it.

Once a message is submitted, it’s replicated to tens of thousands of servers around the world, and becomes part of blockchain forever — well, unless you destroy it.
Good luck with that.

Surely, you can write data to blockchain anytime and anywhere. The difference, however, is the interface, the story, and the brand name.

These are the — ethernal — messages.

Coming in with all of this, I am hoping for some publicity to incentivize writing messages even more — give exposure to whatever it is you have to say or advertise.

In addition to that, your grand-kids will feel cool about their cool grand-father who left them a message in that one famous smart contract on the blockchain, all the way back in 2018.

“Daaamn grandpa! You are so cool.”
You, some 40 years later, feeling accomplished. Your Ethernal message is still out there in the blockchain. Your grandkids are using as their VR homepage spawn point.

Web interface of the dapp

The smart contract interface provides access to view and create ethernalized messaged.

However, the website only displyas single message on the homepage — the last message which was ethernalized. Old messages can be browsed too, but the last message gets simply the most exposure. Of course, only until message of someone else becomes the last one.

The price of “message ethernalization”

The price of ethernalizing message starts at merely fractional value at the beginning. The cost of the first submitted message was 0.00001ETH, representing about 0.005USD at the time of writing. You’ll probably get to spend more on gas. At first.

Here’s the tricky part

Every time a message is submitted, the price is increased 1.618 times (golden ratio). The exponential growth will soon drive the price to crazy highs.
The typical look at startup team members, right after they realized that they can’t afford to promote their ICO on anymore. The price just got way too high.

Time restriction

To avoid spamming the contract during the times of initial low price, ethernalization is constrained by time.

Once a message was ethernalized, only after 6 hours pass, another message can be ethernalized.

This should give the website time to spread around. After 6 hours pass, possibly multiple people will try to ethernalize their message, but only the message in the fastest transaction will make it.