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Fastest Ways to get all the Blockchain-Related Updates

This is exactly what it feels like to be in the #blockchain space with little or no information.

Information is everything and if you are a crypto trader, investor or researcher, you will agree with me that timing is everything.

The time you enter a trade,
The time you exit the trade
The time a piece of news is announced, and lots more.

Just a few hours of not being actively online can cause you a whole loss of information, and as you already know, the timing of receiving such information will determine your next right move.

But not to worry as there are lots of ways to catch up or track all the happenings in the blockchain space which I will be addressing a few of them.


1. To begin with, one of the very best ways to actively stay up to date with all the happenings in the blockchain space is to join a community. Community as we all know is the bedrock of #web3 and any project without a community is as good as non-existent. There are lots of communities that share information and updates regarding this space, the likes of Blockchain African Community (BAC), Crypto Bootcamp Community and lots more. All you need is to join the community and learn from them. Communities like BAC has a Q&A session as well as a newsflash session where members can ask questions as well as learn the recent updates regarding the space.

2. The next one is to follow the right people. This can be very tricky because while we have people who genuinely talk about the blockchain space, a whole lot of others (Influencers) are paid to promote different projects which is why it is a necessity that you always do your own research (DYOR) and identify those who genuinely share their opinions before investing in any project. However, you should note that it is also good to follow a few influencers as this will expose you to early gems you can invest in.
Even though I have an upcoming article on a few people you must follow in the blockchain space, here are just but a few: Micheal Saylor, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, etc.

3. Always checkout blockchain-related news sites. These news sites will give you in-depth knowledge of trending news. the likes of CoinMarketCap Cointelegraph CoinDesk and lots others are just but a few places where you can get the most recent news.

4. Follow hashtags on social media. This is also one of the fastest ways to get update and opinions from other people. So long as you are a crypto person, trust me, you need all the updates from cryptotwitter.

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In conclusion, I am a blockchain #contentwriter and #digitalmarketer and my goal is to simplify blockchain related news/ informations/ updates, and make it easy for everyone to understand, even though they were as little as 5.

Also, let me know if you require any of my services, as I am open to new connections and #jobs.



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A talented and result-oriented web3 content writer/community manager, a cryptocurrency thought leader with 2years plus experience in blockchain technology.