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Feature Addition — NFT Creator Details

Significance of Querying Creator details

  1. Helps NFT Marketplaces Verify Authenticity
    NFTs are easily duplicated and it becomes essential for marketplaces to be able to verify the authenticity of a collection and associated assets. Therefore tracing the original creator becomes essential.
  2. Verifying authenticity — Protocols
    Protocols that allow users to borrow digital currencies after collateralizing NFTs and also NFT staking, borrowing and lending protocols, all need to verify the original creator and this endpoint can aid them.
  3. Tracking NFT Asset History
    From a user’s point of view, tracking past ownerships all the way back to the original creator is helpful in maintaining a record. Past ownership history was available before but the creator feature was not defined until now.

How to Query Minter Details using Unmarshal Endpoints

  1. NFT Asset details
    Along with the Asset details such as Owner, Price, and all associated Metadata, this endpoint will return the creator’s wallet address.
  2. NFT Details by Token ID
    This endpoint decodes characteristics of a particular NFT based on its assigned token ID and smart contract address. We have now included creator as a default response for this endpoint. So if an NFT collection has multiple creators, this API will be useful to differentiate between them.

Chains Supported

About Unmarshal

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