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Fetch AI (FET) blockchain-based project aimed at introducing Artificial Intelligence

Who Are The Founders Of The Fetch Ai (Fet) Cryptocurrency?

What Makes The Fetch Ai (Fet) Cryptocurrency Unique?

What Are The Four Distinct Elements Of The Fetch Ai (Fet) Cryptocurrency?

  1. The Digital twin framework provides the modular components that help the teams build skills, marketplaces, and intelligence for the digital twins to connect.
  2. The Open economic framework provides the discovery and search functions to the digital twins.
  3. The Digitial twin metropolis- It is a collection of smart contracts that run on a WASM (Web Assembly) virtual machine to maintain an immutable record of agreements between the digital twins
  4. The Blockchain combines multi-party cryptography and the game theory to provide safe, secure, censorship-resistant consensus and some rapid chain syncing that will support the digital twin applications.

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