Foreon Network Introduces Beta Testing for Custom Foreon AI Moderator Bot by CardanoGPT

Foreon Network


Exciting News for the Foreon Community!

We’re delighted to announce a significant milestone in our partnership with CardanoGPT on the the beta release of the Foreon Telegram Moderation Bot, powered by CardanoGPT’s cutting-edge AI technology.

This development represents a major leap forward in our commitment to be one of the first projects on Cardano to utilise artificial intelligence in community management.

Beta Test Details

Our Foreon AI moderation bot is undergoing an intensive 14-day beta testing phase and ends 25th september. This rigorous testing is part of our commitment to ensuring that our AI products meet the standards of performance. During this two-week period, we’ll be collecting valuable data and refining the moderation bot’s responses.

For the initial beta testing phase, the Foreon community can be able to test the bot out by clicking on the link below.

Key Features of the Foreon Telegram Moderation Bot

  • Information Hub: Our Foreon AI-powered moderation bot serves as a centralized source of information, addressing questions related to the Foreon Network.
  • Real-time Response: The Foreon AI-powered moderation bot offers real-time responses based on its training data, ensuring that community members receive accurate information promptly.
  • Always Active: The Foreon AI-powered Mod operates around the clock, ensuring continuous engagement even outside regular business hours.
  • Automated Responses: From “Ask Me Anything” sessions to handling common queries and interactive quizzes, the Foreon AI-powered mod provides instant responses, freeing up valuable time for Foreon developers.

In Conclusion

As we embark on this exciting chapter of our roadmap, we are also excited to announce that the Foreon testnet is less than a month away.

More information about this will be shared in the coming days in our next dev update.

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