Four Applications of Turms
Anonymous Message Transport

Alejandro Diaz
Apr 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Turms AMT (Anonymous Message Transport) is a peer-to-peer messaging system based on the Ethereum blockchain (See Introducing Turms Anonymous Message Transport). It’s expensive and slow — so it’s not a replacement for email. But it is important — It facilitates direct encrypted messaging between Ethereum addresses.

To spark your imagination, here are four applications that can be built using Turms AMT:

1. Simple Online Digital Product Sales

Ethereum should be the natural currency for online sales of gift cards, video unlock codes, or any other digital products. With Turms AMT it can be incredibly easy to make an automated delivery system:

  • Monitor an Ethereum address for payments — a different address for each product.
  • For each payment received, send the digital product via a Turms message to the originating address.

This sort of online store would be totally anonymous — You wouldn’t even need to provide an email address. How cool would that be?

2. Communications with ICO Investors

Some people bemoan the fact that unregulated ICO’s are able to sell tokens to “unqualified,” anonymous investors. Personally I appreciate the caveat’ emptor stance — I believe that people should be free to invest in a venture anonymously, without getting “permission” from some government entity. Turms AMT makes it possible to send a message to an ICO investor
when the only thing you know about them is their Ethereum address.

3. Crypto Commerce

Commerce is the acid-test of a currency. With a couple of clever smart-contracts, Ethereum can facilitate a unique form of crypto-commerce, similar to Ebay or Amazon, but completely decentralized. A project like this requires an encrypted messaging system between Ethereum addresses, to place orders and to communicate order status. And that system should be as anonymous, secure, and persistent as Ethereum itself. Sneak-peek: I’m already working on a decentralized crypto-commerce solution based on Turms AMT — Fasten your seat belts… it’s coming!

4. Efficient Advertising

Everyone hates spam… It wastes our time. Companies send out millions of advertising emails, just to catch a few people who are actually interested in their message. But Turms AMT is a different sort of messaging system, because the recipient gets paid to receive messages — and it will lead to a different advertising model.

When you register your Ethereum address with Turms AMT you set a parameter called a “spam fee.” It’s the amount of Ether that you want to be paid whenever someone sends you spam. Set the fee according to how much spam you want to receive.

Turms AMT makes it possible for an advertising agency to target their messages to people who have indicated their openness to receiving “spam” (for a fee). In turn, you can earn some Ether, just by reading advertisements now and then.

In Conclusion

Turms Anonymous Message Transport is a simple system — but it brings anonymous encrypted messaging to Ethereum. It’s Completely decentralized and it works now. Applications are coming…

Try it at:

Alejandro Diaz

Alejandro Diaz

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