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FreeCity Guide: How to Join the Giveaway and How to Get a Whitelist

How to join the Freemint WL Gleam Giveaway

In the FreeCity VS P2P NFT release, FreeCity community members, contest winners, fans, and new users will be granted to participate in the whitelist. We will be using for this specific campaign.

🏆 How to get a WL 🏆

📱1. Follow FreeCity twitter @FreeCity_OS

📢2. Join our discord server: FreeCity_Official

✉️3.telegram channel: FreeCity_Official Chat

👬Complete any two of above tasks, you will be allowed to fill in your SOL address and got the chance to win WL.

  1. You can click the link to go to the we-to-activity page:
  2. Please read the activities carefully and complete our to tasks at the bottom of the page

3. Make sure to login first!

4. Click the green button on the right side to complete the tasks.

5. Make sure you click on the action itself!

6. If you complete more than three tasks, the wallet address will be unlocked, so please fill in your SOLANA wallet address, and the official will set it to the whitelist.

7. Alternatively, please use this link to access our Google form if you experience any issues with Gleam:

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Everyone who finishes these missions stands a chance to win the whitelist of the FreeCity VS Collection. Some exciting news, out of the 5000 VS NFTs, 2000 is set aside for actively engaged FreeCity community members, contest winners, fans, and new users. Note that only Twitter engagements before July 23 are considered. Last minute engagement won’t be counted.

How to get a Whitelist

  1. On July 23, players who have a whitelist can catch violent squirrels by visiting
  2. The following steps will allow you to link your SOL wallet from the desktop to the website:

3. Various levels will be available for Mint’s NFT: golden, silver, bronze, and others. If you get them, please save and send them to our address for reward money.

4. The button “Mint” will become available on the 23rd of July 2022. We will send out the exact timing in our official channels groups as soon as possible!

5. The view of the blind box with the Blind Box will look like this, when you receive it you can keep it for yourself or sell it on MagicEden:

6. Our BlindBox will open automatically at the time set by FreeCity. Users won’t be able to open it themselves.

7. You can send any of the squirrels below to the designated address, and we will find your address and exchange USDT for the rewards.

Golden VS receiving address:


Silver VS receiving address:

Bronze VS receiving address:

Other color VS receiving address:


Here are the total rewards:

8. You may also keep the NFT for yourself and use it later:

  • You may collect it as a part of your collection
  • It can be used in FreeCity
  • It is possible for the NFT to gain value
  • It will identify you as a citizen in the FreeCity
  • In comparison to other users, you have many more privileges!

10. Good luck!

For the full timeline of VS NFT release, please check out the Roadmap section on the FreeCity webpage.

Join other FreeCitizens who have subscribed to our community:

· Join our Discord channel to find out more about what we are up to!

· Follow our Twitter for spicy leaks and memes!

· Get updated on new community contests on our Telegram!

We are excited to share this journey with you!

For more information, visit any of the Free City socials; Website | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Tiktok | Youtube



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