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From MEV to MEV-Boost: Ethereum after The Merge

What’s MEV?

  • the mempool has special bots that track unconfirmed transactions and collect various data from DeFi applications, including prices and liquidity volumes;
  • after noticing the user’s intention to buy ETH, the bots will initiate an operation that will increase the price right before the user’s transaction is executed. For example, a bot can add more stablecoins to the USDC/ETH liquidity pool to increase the price of the cryptocurrency;
  • the expected price of $2000 per ETH will change to $2500 per coin, for example. The transaction will be completed and instead of 5 ETH, the user will receive 4 ETH. The profit of the initiator of this MEV operation will be 1 ETH minus the cost of commissions.

MEV Boost

Source — screenshot
  • The Builder API is a modified version of the Engine API used by Beacon Chain nodes to connect execution clients responsible for creating blocks, as well as consensus clients that propose blocks.
  • Block builders invest in the specialized equipment required for block production. By receiving transactions from seekers, they “form the most profitable block using various strategies.”
  • Relayers validate blocks before passing them to validators. They also value the MEV reward and protect the network from spam.
  • The escrow receives the contents of the block from the relay, making the data available to the validator.


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