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From the Frosty Slopes to Norway’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

NBX is your Nordic-Born Partner in the Future of Wealth.

Everything in the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve at the speed of light and that includes us. From our humble beginnings, we’ve now worked our goals into one grand vision for the future of the NBX offering.

Where We Come From

Above all, we’re a truly Norwegian business.

We come from a culture that’s centered on innovation and thrives in the face of change. Because we’re Norwegian-at-heart, we treat all of our clients as people, not just numbers. Additionally, we embody the high levels of trust and cooperation that are anchored in Norwegian society.

All in all, nothing illustrates all of this better than our deep ties to Bjørn Kjos and his history of business successes.

Bjørn Kjos is a giant in the Nordics: an aviator, lawyer, business magnate, having founded both Norwegian Air Shuttle and Bank Norwegian. As an entrepreneur, he has a history of consistently questioning the status quo and looking ahead for innovative, alternative business models.

In particular, Norwegian Air Shuttle has a history of illustrating these qualities in practice. From doing all it can to save fuel and space to undercutting its competitors fares’ by 20–50%, NAS has always consistently stood on the forefront of innovation in the airline industry.

Bøgaset: The Spark That Started It All

In 2017, that innovative spirit came to a head in Bøgaset, on Christmas break, where Bjørn Kjos and Stig-Aleksandr Kjos-Mathisen (Bjørn’s son-in-law) found themselves on their annual ski trip.

One day, while cross-country skiing, they began to think about how to onboard crypto payments to NAS’ offering.

From these simple beginnings, NBX was born, just a week after Christmas break ended. While it began as a spin-off of NAS, focused on innovating airline payments, it’s now come into its’ own as a cryptocurrency exchange, custodian, and a payment system.

Overall, NBX is driven by the goals of becoming the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the Nordics, while providing a better way of creating and managing wealth for all of its clients, in a secure regulated manner.

We’re Family-Run

The initial investment for NBX came from the Kjos family themselves, showcasing their deep-seated belief in the potential of the cryptocurrency space.

Therefore, at our core, we’ve always been a family-run business.

Trusted by Norwegian Banks

Last year, everything picked up speed when Sparebanken Øst, an established bank that has operated in Norway for over 170 years, bought a stake in NBX.

This was truly a game changer.

Until their investment, Norwegian Banks and most of the rest of the world’s banks had largely sat on the sidelines with regards to cryptocurrencies, or worse, actively resisted their rise. According to a representative from Sparebanken, becoming an investor in NBX helped them to stay relevant and ready for the inevitable future of finance.

Through Sparebanken Øst’s example, it’s now clear that they’re willing to jump in and get involved. According to a representative of the bank, they saw NBX as an opportunity to learn and take an active role in development in the cryptocurrency space.

On top of that, they’re not alone!

Our other investors include: Observatoriet Invest, Dasha Group, Nye KM Aviatrix Invest, Nye GKB Invest, Kei Invest, Snefred Invest, Tom Oil, and Sam Eiendomspartner, all of which are major Norwegian Investment Companies with the same level of interest in cryptocurrencies.

Northern Light on the Road Ahead

Now that you’re familiar with where we’ve come from, it’s time to look ahead to the future we’re building and what what you can expect from us.

We’re Working With Them, Rather Than Against Them

Many crypto businesses don’t get that to build the future of finance, it’s important to work together with legacy companies. That doesn’t mean sacrificing our commitment to the crypto ethos of making you both the bank and the investor.

What it does mean is that we’re working with our backers to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional finance sooner rather than later.

Banking collaboration means that more complete payment solutions and new types of savings products can be built, — Stig Aleksander Kjos-Mathisen, Co-Founder and Managing Director @ NBX

In other words, crypto needs more consumer ready products to achieve widespread adoption. For those products to gain meaningful traction, however, it’s important that we build a customer base from true newcomers, i.e., those of you who have never experienced cryptocurrencies.

To do that, we have to know where traditional financial institutions have failed as well as where they’ve succeeded. As time goes on, we’ll continue to search for new institutional partners to help us understand these facts even further.

We’re Regulated To Establish Equal Footing with Legacy Institutions

Just because crypto-based companies are looking to up-end the financial status quo, doesn’t mean they have to avoid regulation.

NBX is fully regulated, having already been approved by Finanstilsynet (The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway). Additionally, we’re also audited by Moore Global, which is a well known auditor of more than 260 different firms.

As we grow and become more global, we’ll always seek to establish the same level of compliance with local regulators whereever we expand to.

We’ll Always Be Transparent

All in all, our transparency sits above all of our efforts as one of the qualities that sets us apart from all other cryptocurrency exchanges.

In many ways, NBX will behave like a listed company with a minimum of quarterly reports that provide full insight into the value of our holdings and customers’ deposits. NBX also plans to become publicly listed just as Norwegian Airlines and Bank Norwegian have, — Stig Aleksander Kjos-Mathisen, Co-Founder @ NBX

That means that you can consider NBX as on equal footing with any public company, with regards to our transparency, no matter where the future takes us.

We’re Secure By Design

Security is at the core of all that we do.

From the get-go, we’ve always been dedicated to providing the best in-class solutions to protect you and your funds across the entire NBX experience. This allows us to reliably attract and retain institutional clients as well as individuals with all sorts of technical and non-technical backgrounds.

We’re Friendly and Easily Accessible

Finally, too many cryptocurrency exchanges don’t cater to newcomers at all.

Historically, this has left true them feeling lost and confused, and becoming prone to costly mistakes. Here at NBX, we’re dedicated to changing that. Our offering is always evolving, with education at the top of our minds.

With us, everyone will be covered because our business focus is on those who want to explore the world of digital assets and get to know the future of money closer, regardless of whether they’re a newcomer or a die-hard.

In the end, we’re here to be your trusted guide wherever your journey to financial freedom takes you. On the way, you can expect us to make every element of the NBX offering easily accessible. That means that we’ll always hear you and consider what needs to be done better.

We’ll Lead Through to the Future of Wealth

With all of the above, we aim to become the most trusted, leading exchange in the Nordics, then take on the world. Our commitment to full-regulatory compliance, working with institutions, and providing the best possible security and education will help us to do that.

Above all, like Bjørn Kjos and all of his past companies, we’ll always innovate.

Consequently, with us, you can expect exciting new investment opportunities with informed guidance, regardless of your crypto background. In truth, crypto’s already ready for all of us and we’re here to help you understand that.

Don’t waste a second. Secure your place at the forefront with NBX as Your Nordic-Born Partner in the Future of Wealth.

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) is a pioneering, forward-thinking and client-oriented Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange, custodian and payment system. Trade with us at, follow us in Twitter or Facebook 📲✔️

Disclaimer: Content provided does not constitute as financial advice.

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