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Genesis DevCon

Blockchain Conference In Bangalore

Hey Guys,

I will be attending Genesis DevCon this weekend. Hope I will meet some of you.

Genesis DevCon, India’s largest Blockchain Developer Conference will be held on Nov 24- 25, 2019 at NSSC, IISc, Bangalore, to commemorate the
concluding chapter of the Genesis developer program. Hosted by IBC Media — growth and advisory firm for emerging technology companies.

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Genesis DevCon aims to create a learning environment for budding blockchain developers, by bringing the best speakers from industry,
community, and academia under one roof. The event will also see the launch of the Aeternity Global Starfleet programme, a corporate blockchain accelerator program as well as the announcement of the winners of the Genesis developer program.

Identifying the lack of a rich pool of blockchain developers in India, the Genesis Developers program has been working aggressively for the last 8 months to create a vibrant blockchain developer community in India. Concluding the program, Genesis DevCon will host some of the
biggest leaders in the blockchain space including

  • Yanislav Malahov, Aeternity
  • Dilip Krishnaswamy, Reliance Jio
  • Loi Luu, KyberNetwork
  • Manish Bhatia, Amazon India
  • John deVadoss, NEO
  • Satya Lokam, Microsoft

The two-day conference is being organized with the objective of bringing leaders, innovators, and developers together under one roof, to share their expertise and innovations, and create a collaborative environment as well as build a strong community. It also gives attendees an opportunity to gain expertise, learn and understand the tools, new challenges and solutions for
creative ideas and strategies through multiple interactive sessions, panel discussions, and B2B engagement opportunities

With over 5 panel discussions, 30+ speakers, and attendees expected to attend, the event will witness a proactive interaction between developers, researchers, industry leaders, and startup innovators.

For more information, visit Genesis DevCon website.

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