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Getting into Web3 via Hackathons. đź’»

Photo by Clemens van Lay on Unsplash
  • There is the opportunity to turn an idea into an actual product with a real world use case.
  • You can find a community of like minded people in the technology used for the Hackathon or a community around the product itself.
  • There is an opportunity to learn either by sessions organized by the hackathon organizers or when you run into bugs and have to find a fix.
  • There is the promise of financial rewards when you win a Hackathon prize!
  • Hackathons are a way for companies to put their product in the hands of users and have it “battle-tested”.
  • It is also a way to get more users for the product. If the product is kickass, it then becomes a way to get developers who invite others to the users.
  • The incentive to win a prize for the Hackathon is already a natural way to magnetize developers.

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Emmanuel Odianosen

Software Developer living in Lagos, Nigeria. A Technical Writer proficient in JavaScript and Solidity.