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“Giovanni Has Changed My Life”. 40$ Profit by Copy Trading

One of Coinmatics company postulates says: “We’re building a product for ourselves and use it every day!” Sounds pretentious? Not at all. It is true, and today we’ll convince you.

One of the Coinmatics workers shared her copy trading story (btw, thousand thanks to her!).

Welcome to read her crypto copy trading story!

Crypto copy trading case. The photo of Giovanni — the flower at Conmatics office.

“I have been working at copy trading platform Coinmatics for several months. Every day I watched the team passionately nurture their product. And, despite my personal prejudices about the cryptocurrency world, I realized that it’s time to try cryptocurrency copy trading “on my wallet”. So, let me share my personal Coinmatics review!

I am not a professional trader, so I acted carefully and measuredly. I started with proven automatic copy trading. As the saying goes: “the ability to do something yourself begins with imitation.

This happened on July 22. On this day, I bought bitcoin for the first time in my life. I was bloating with pride.

Bitcoin is like a limited edition bag. Everyone has heard and talked about it, but few buy.

It is better to copy transactions with a minimum deposit of $100. Therefore, it was that particular amount that went to my exchange account. I was, of course, worried. I pressed the button to convert the money and stopped breathing for a while. “My money,” I thought. I know that cryptocurrency is a decentralized thing that lives on its own. Crypto teaches you to make your own decisions and be responsible for them. Therefore, if the transaction sinks into oblivion, then no one will compensate me. Well, maybe mom would try to comfort me and bake my favorite cake.

When the bitcoins arrived at the exchange account, I had the feeling that I had bought a luckery lottery ticket.


I love the soft and bright green color of Coinmatics website. The color seems to say: “Yes, dear, you made the right choice.”

A technical point: to enable automatic Binance copy trading, first, you register on Binance account and make a deposit, for example, buy bitcoin. Second, register on the Coinmatics platform and bind the API key.

Strategies Rating available at Coinmatics. More than 35 strategies to follow.
Strategies Rating. More than 35 crypto traders to follow.


On my Coinmatics account, I clicked on the Copy Trading — Strategies Rating tab. Currently, there are over 35 strategies on the website available — choose whatever you want. It reminded me of a job fair :) I chose the crypto trader’s strategy/portfolio “Walter bulls” (high total return of + 58.67% and a long 12 months trading period impressed me).

And then the most interesting and exciting thing began — waiting. Cryptocurrencies are prohibited for people who cannot put up with things that they cannot control. And also to nervous and reckless individuals.

The “hysterical” mode turned on so quickly that I did not even notice. I used to refresh the page every 20 minutes to see if the deal went through and what my balance was. And also often looked at the money plant and even appealed to the mercy of the cryptocurrency gods.

Mem “when I bought bitcoin”

I present to you a unique copy trader’s diary:

July 22

My balance on the Binance exchange was 91.3366 USDT. I deposited 100 USD, but apparently the conversion commission took its fee and the amount in USDT appeared to be slightly less.

State: worried; I check the balance every hour :)

July 31 (9 days have passed since the start of copy trading)

My balance is 120.5890 USDT (+29.2524 USDT gain). I go to my portfolio no more than once a day. I understand that it is important to “zoom out” and look at the big picture. So far, I do not plan to withdraw to fiat (= real money), as I want to leave that money for copy trading activity and get more profit in the end. So I waited.

State: satisfied, the worrying period is over; I‘m thrilled by my opportunities; thinking over that trading automatically is the best way of earning for me.

August 5 (2 weeks have passed)

I had a quirk. I really wanted to withdraw the money. Also, the trading strategy I was subscribed to dropped to 4th position. I thought to unsubscribe and subscribe to the 1st strategy in the rating. But then I changed my mind: the distribution of assets on the new strategy was very different from the current one with bitcoin gaining approach. I didn’t want to lose anything on auto alignment. So I changed my mind and re-subscribed to the Walter Bulls strategy again.

State: satisfied; sketches of my own copy trading strategy are being born in my head; learn how to switch off emotions sometimes.

August 14 (almost 4 weeks have passed)

I thought I can’t keep money like that for a month. I must slowly withdraw. Sometimes my balance jumped to 135 USDT, it’s a shame that I did not catch this opportunity, so I hold until July 22 — the end of my experiment.

State: satisfied; I have already found a approach for working with copy trading; btw, financial investing is so engaging.

August 22

As a result, I earned total 40 USDT using crypto copy trading platform in a month.

State: happy, joyful; I plan to invest more.


Whether to invest in cryptocurrencies or not is only your decision. Personally, these investments in social trading brought me not only income but also self-control, the ability to take adequate risks, and self-confidence.

Giovanni has changed my life. I wish you to find “your Giovanni”.

P.S. If you have anything to add on the topic, do not hesitate.



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