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Kronos Capital
2 min readMay 17, 2022


Dear Kronians,

We’ve been quiet for the past few weeks but very busy building our platform. We deliberately wanted to keep a low profile rather than making “announcements of announcements”…

However, here is the long overdue update I can give y’all today:

⁃ The internal beta test phase has started and has been going well so far. It should continue for the next 4–5 days.

⁃ Next we will start the beta phase with a maximum of 5 beta testers. Beta testers will not have to subscribe to a subscription for the full duration of the beta test, which will normally last for around ten days.

⁃ At the end of the beta test, we will officially launch the platform and start the paid subscriptions.

This time spent building the platform also allowed us to reinforce our strategies using AI and more particularly machine learning. This will have allowed us to smooth the equity curve even more by obtaining a Sharpe ratio of 5.96 on our main strategy (very low drawdown and constant increase in equity compared to the underlying asset). We have also added a mean reversion strategy which seeks to only take well-timed trades on very low timeframe (scalping) on high liquidity ​​pairs such as BTC, ETH or XRP.

Each of our strategies (3 in total) have a different behavior and have proven themselves outside of backtests (between 4 and 12 months of live trading for each).

Below is an overview of the monthly returns for each strategy over the last 12 months. Note that for the current month of May all are currently in the green!

If you have any questions about the launch that is fast approaching, do not hesitate.

Safe trading!


Kronos trading — monthly returns

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