Guide To Secure Command Line Voting on the EOS mainnet after Launch

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2 min readJun 1, 2018



We will go through a step by step guide on voting for your favorite block producer candidate on the EOS mainnet.

**Please note that this tutorial only works for voting on the EOS mainnet. The mainnet launch process will begin on June 3rd. Please check the status below periodically to find out when the mainnet is live and ready to for voting. We will update this status once the mainnet ready for voting***


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This tutorial uses the eosc command line tool created by our friends over at EOSCanada. It is a simple command that wraps a EOS command line wallet and the tools needed for voting into a single easy to use package.

STEP 1: Download the appropriate eosc executable depending on your OS version,

or you can build it from the source code using the instructions here,

STEP 2: Next you can get ready for voting by importing the EOS private keys using the ‘eos vault import’ operation,

$ eosc vault import
Vault file not found, creating a new wallet
Type your first private key: [insert your private key here]
Type your next private key or hit ENTER if you are done:
Keys imported. Let's secure them before showing the public keys.
Enter passphrase to encrypt your keys:
Confirm passphrase:
Wallet file "./eosc-vault.json" written. Here are your public keys:
- EOS59seMRezsBjaWsdQBDbyqKbTJL25CGqfURHrBP1YREEuNQbaq5

The vault operations do zero network calls and can be done offline. The ./eosc-vault.json file is encrypted, can safely be archived and is future proof. You can inspect the cryptography used for encryption here.

STEP 3: Once you have the private keys imported into the local vault using Step 2 you are ready to vote.

$ eosc vote producers youraccount blockgenicbp producercnd1 producercnd2  -u
Enter passphrase to unlock vault:
Voter [youraccount] voting for: [blockgenicbp]

This vote transaction will be signed locally, and submitted to the network through the endpoint. You can point the -u flag to any valid end point on the main network and it should work. Please note that this vote command will only work after the mainnet launches and is ready to receive the votes. So please check the status on the top of this page to make sure the mainnet is ready to receive the votes. Otherwise your cast vote will not register and you will have to recast your vote once the network stabilizes.




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