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Hail Decentralization !!

My journey of building a Non-Profit educational Publication

We are Coinmonks and we value education

It was August 2017, Like everyone else, I came into crypto for 💲💲, I wanted to get rich quick but then I met with Bitcoin and things changed.

Imagining decentralize technologies integrated into our society was mindblowing and I wanted to learn more.

In Feb 2018, I started dedicating my full time on Coinmonks publication. It was quite dull at the start, I spent countless hours talking to writers and hunting down good articles and slowly I saw some growth.

Fast forward today, Coinmonks is doing pretty well.

It was never possible without the writers who contributed on Coinmonks. 🙏

Coinmonks Numbers Today 📊

Article published — 2200+

Contributors — 950+

Monthly Minutes Read — 900K+

Monthly Views — 500K+

Followers — 10k+

Donations (till now) — $50 from Jens Schendel ⚡️

We never advertise anything on Coinmonks and decided to make it a Non-profit educational hub for the Crypto ecosystem. If you like reading Coinmonks, you can donate us too 😃

BTC : 3LkSmg5yD63diLm9daxijZgaFB2Cfkbj48

ETH : 0x69b235475f2860834187cd2fe3c9f1c646ce1d2e

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Gaurav Agrawal

Telegram @gaurav_zen , Editor — Coinmonks publication ( and working on (

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