Hashport Monthly Review: February 2023

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From wallets to Layer-2 networks, we delivered a stack of upgrades to the portal. Learn more about our updates & integrations in this February monthly review:

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Highlights of the Month:

  • The biggest highlight of February was adding not one, but two Layer-2 networks — Arbitrum & Optimism. It means that Hashport enables interoperability across 7 networks. 🌐
  • Not only did we integrate new networks, we also added seven tokens — $RDNT, $VSTA, $GMX, $OP, $SONNE, $PERP, & $LYRA, bringing our token count to 40. 🪙
  • Our Blade Wallet integration had been popular with the Hedera community. This month, we added several more ways for Hashporters to connect to the portal on the EVM side — Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, & WalletConnect. Explore these new gateways on Hashport. 🌉🌉
  • Hashport achieved the milestone of passing $21M in Total Volume. The steady increase in transactions is evidence of the growing adoption of Hedera Hashgraph & the emergence of Hedera DeFi. 📈
  • The LCX token just found a new use case. We see an LCX[hts]-HBAR pool has been created on SaucerSwap. 🛸
  • The temperature is rising for the Top Ported Token race! $DOV breaks through to the top 3 as $USDC maintains its leading spot with the most transactions this week. 🌿
  • DOVU recently integrated a data platform that provides users with transparent insights about tokenised carbon. Learn more about its recent surge in popularity in this thread. 🧵
  • The Hashport API will be integrated with BridgeSwap on Pangolin DEX. Currently, you can click the “Hashport Bridge” button to access our portal & port HTS tokens. 🛠️

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Hashport On the Mic

  • Our Head of Business Jesse Whiteside is attending ETHDenver with the Hedera team in the Mile High City. Learn more about our #CryptoGivesBack campaign 🏔️
  • “We’ve added a whole host of projects from other ecosystems, enabling interoperability for their tokens & platforms. The name of the game is bringing dApps into the ecosystem, & capturing a larger user base.” Listen for more insights from Hashport & other speakers in the full recording! 🎙️
  • The HBAR Bull & Zepzi gave Hashport a video shoutout during a recent weekly update. 📽️
  • Pangolin DEX’s BD Lead wrote a summary about porting USDC to Hedera & back. Check out this video tutorial. ♻️
  • Catch King Solomon’s two-part interview with our Head of Business Jesse Whiteside for Generation Infinity — Part 1 & Part 2.

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Technical Updates

This month, we added several more ways for Hashporters to access the portal, providing additional EVM connectivity on the EVM side — Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, & WalletConnect. You can simply scan the QR code to connect your preferred mobile wallet.

Explore these new gateways on Hashport. 🔁

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Featured Articles:

Layer-2 solutions are designed to help scale dApps by handling transactions off the L1 Ethereum Mainnet. Hashport just added Arbitrum & Optimism, providing greater network access to Hashporters. 🌐

Learn more about the integrations: New Layer 2 Networks: Arbitrum & Optimism on Hashport!

How well do you Know Your Tokens? 💡 All of Hashport’s supported tokens have a home in this blog! Also, you can conveniently find each token’s ID for token associations.

Easily access token info HERE: Hashport Explores: Know Your Tokens 🪙

About hashport
hashport is the enterprise-grade public utility that facilitates the movement of digital assets between distributed networks, extending their functionality in a quick, secure, and cost-effective way. In order to remain platform-neutral, hashport functions without the use of a proprietary token. The network is built on a robust and performant architecture, secured and operated by a group of industry-leading validator partners from around the world. hashport has passed a rigorous security audit and follows industry best practices; regularly performing comprehensive network tests to ensure the integrity of the network.

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