Hashport Turns Two: Enabling Interoperability for Web3 Networks



Hashport, Hedera’s native interoperability solution, turns two today! Since its launch in 2021, the Hedera ecosystem has shown tremendous support for the platform

Enabling cross-network access to the Hedera ecosystem is our primary mission & your support means the world to us. Let’s take a moment to look back at what we’ve accomplished in a year!

Tokens, Networks, & Wallets

Back in November 2022, 5 EVM-compatible networks, 32 tokens, & 3 wallets were integrated with Hashport. Fast forward 12 months, we have expanded our support to 12 networks & 62 tokens and counting! We now provide 7 different ways for users to connect their wallets to the Hashport interoperability portal — MetaMask, Venly, HashPack, Blade Wallet, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, & WalletConnect.

Features & Media Mentions

Throughout 2023, Hashport has been featured on media platforms and invited as an interview guest on various shows. Listed below is a notable selection of our features:

Part of the Wider Web3 Community

As we expanded our influence within the Hedera community and extended our support to other DLT networks, the Hashport interoperability solution began to gain community recognition. In 2023, we have been listed as an ecosystem application on:

The Hedera ecosystem expands

The Hedera community grows stronger every day with 230+ ecosystem dApps. Together with Arkhia, we created a visual overview of the HBAR ecosystem where people can easily browse dApps in the vibrant Hedera community.

Hashport SDK

SDK is short for software development kits. Now that the Hashport GitHub is publicly accessible, developers of Hedera-native dApps can use the Hashport SDK, widget, & React app to integrate its token-bridging feature directly onto their platforms.

Learn more in our first blog of the Hashport SDK Series:

What a productive and exciting 12 months it has been for Hashport! We are thankful for all of the community support & we are eager to continue pushing the boundaries of cross-network interoperability for the ecosystem. We look forward to another year of BUIDLing & bringing critical value to the Hedera network.

Hello Future!

About Hashport
Hashport is the enterprise-grade public utility that facilitates the movement of digital assets between distributed networks, extending their functionality in a quick, secure, and cost-effective way. In order to remain platform-neutral, Hashport functions without the use of a proprietary token. The network is built on a robust and performant architecture, secured and operated by a group of industry-leading validator partners from around the world. Hashport has passed rigorous security audits and follows industry best practices; regularly performing comprehensive network tests to ensure the integrity of the network.

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