Hedera-native DOVU Integrated on Hashport!



🌿Hashport is excited to announce that the Hedera-native $DOVU token & its wrapped versions have been integrated with the Hashport bridge. The $DOVU integration brings our supported token count to 62. 🌳

Currently, supported networks on Hashport include Hedera, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Cronos, Fantom, Moonbeam, Aurora, & Base. Users now have the ability to port $DOVU across all 12 networks.

Why $DOVU?

In early September 2023, the Dovu community conducted a governance vote. 99% of DOV[hts] holders who participated in the governance proposal voted for the transition from the existing $DOV to a new $DOVU token. As described in the governance proposal, the token migration aims to “address security risks linked to multi-network bridge vulnerabilities, simplify the token’s structure, and tackle token inflation issues”.

10 billion $DOVU tokens were minted upon the completion of the governance vote. A snapshot of all accounts holding $DOV was taken on 11 September 2023 at 12:00 BST, and all eligible accounts would receive an equivalent share of $DOVU airdropped to them.

For more information about the migration from $DOV to $DOVU, Dovu has written a step-by-step guide for community members to follow. View this dedicated page for the status of its token migration.

The existing Ethereum-native $DOV & its HTS counterpart $DOV[hts] remain available on the portal. The new Hedera-native $DOVU can be found on its CoinGecko page.

(Screenshot captured on 5 October 2023)

Token Addresses

Here are the $DOV & $DOVU token addresses for your reference.
$DOV — 0xac3211a5025414af2866ff09c23fc18bc97e79b1
$DOV[hts] — 0.0.624505

$DOVU — 0.0.3716059
$DOVU[eth] — 0x2aeAbde1aB736c59E9A19BeD67681869eEF39526
$DOVU[0x] — 0x8B4caE9Af23EB752515A88497e678e9aDff1753d
$DOVU[ava] — 0xe0EcF8B3fAb0D379f18117E5e9f8b1E0E7566b66
$DOVU[bsc] — 0xe821C045f9149B44ef96f8054B9c6d94f4c89417
$DOVU[arb] — 0xe821C045f9149B44ef96f8054B9c6d94f4c89417
$DOVU[opt] — 0xd91fF310DF12FBb9D4C77A55BeDa0367e2244Ca6
$DOVU[ftm] — 0x2E64747523Fb2Bd079f7cAa3Af904cC15886916F
$DOVU[cro] — 0xf58988341516DFADE0eaE3710D69083E0Ce75235
$DOVU[moon] — 0xe32C01d807C2290fEe75625CdEde876a0a1c8eC0
$DOVU[aur] — 0x4007168965cBdB189A98E03C28695F900D92a11E
$DOVU[base] — 0xB38266e0e9D9681b77aEB0A280E98131b953F865

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