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How Сan Cryptocurrencies Help In a Crisis?

How Сan Cryptocurrencies Help In a Crisis?

What Is A Humanitarian Crisis?

What Are The Types Of Humanitarian Crises?

  1. Conflicts: Wars often result in a humanitarian crisis. People are forced to flee their homes, civilians are directly or indirectly targeted by the military, and essential public services are disrupted.
  2. Pandemics: The spread of disease can decimate communities and even entire countries.
  3. Natural Disasters: Fires, floods, and earthquakes.
  4. Famines: Environmental, economic, and political factors can often lead to people going hungry.

How Can Cryptocurrencies Help In Critical Periods?

1. Help With Crypto: Crypto Donations


  • HIV treatment
  • Nutrition Programs
  • Education
  • Emergency disaster relief

Save the Children

Food For Life Global

2. Help With Crypto: Safer International Money Transfers

  1. Lighting Speed: Transaction speeds on some networks such as Tether USDTare very high and happen in real-time.
  2. Keeping Costs Low: Banks often charge high fees for international transfers; crypto provides a cheaper alternative.
  3. Reducing Fraud Risk: Cryptocurrencies are transferred on decentralized networks, which means hackers can’t target a single central server to interfere with payments.
  4. Helping Poorly Baked States: According to the World Economic Forum, over 50% of people in the developing world are unbanked; crypto can connect these people to the financial system.

3. Help With Crypto: Stablecoins Ensuring Your Funds Stability

How To Donate Cryptocurrency?

How To Convert BTC to USDC?

  1. Search: Visit the Swapzone website.
  2. Pairs: Select BTC under the ‘Send’ box and select USDC in the “Get Up To” row.
  3. Amount: Enter the amount of BTC needed to receive, e. g. $1000 USDC and press exchange.
  4. Exchange: Enter your wallet address and email (optional) and proceed with the exchange.
  5. Donate: Congratulations, you exchanged BTC for USDC at the best market rate, and you can now send your crypto to your chosen charity.

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