How CAKE and a Bunny Changed my Life with 100% ROI

Rachel Posey
Sep 3 · 5 min read

Hello, it’s me, a total newbie in the crypto world, here to shill my favorite altcoin. Actually, this is not financial advice, and rather than pump a coin, I want to tell you how the CAKE token and Pancake Swap bunny genuinely changed my life.

One late night, I was deep in a Youtube hole when something caught my eye. It was your standard clickbait title and thumbnail from one of the thousands of crypto influencers amping up the latest scam coins. Despite its appearance, it had my attention. Wow! It looked like a true gem amid garbage.

Drum roll please, … … … I present you with the De-Fi exchange, Pancake Swap, and the friendly bunny that brought me happiness (and money) during a rough year. Hear me out.

Bunny Blasting Off!

I have never been one to gamble. I’ve been alive 30 years with no investing or trading history to my name. That’s why I was surprised that Pancake Swap, of all things, inspired me to pull out my wallet.

The success of my first crypto (and first investment) experiment hinged on the intuitive nudge I felt when gazing into the eyes of that cute little bunny. After hours of research, I finally pulled the trigger.

It wasn’t easy to set up. I had to make a wallet, purchase some BNB coin, connect Metamask, and link it to the Pancake Swap platform. In total, I threw $300 at it with an $8 fee for buying via credit card. Maybe those more advanced crypto-traders could teach me how to avoid this fee next time. (Please leave it in the comments if you know a better way to buy!)

That should show you just how much of a noob I am to this.

Anyway, I had my BNB, and I’m over on the website swapping it for some delicious CAKE token. My mouth was watering, but my mind was thinking I just threw $300 in the trash.

That was 3ish months ago when CAKE was valued at around $16. I staked it in the auto-compounding Syrup pool and vowed to check back periodically to see what was cooking.

I had a gut feeling that my initial investment would be a hit, yet I was at peace with losing it. Fast forward to today, I’ve made a little over 3 CAKE through staking. That’s 75 bucks! For free!! CAKE token is also chilling around $23, so I am up double on my initial investment. Not bad for a newbie, right? :)

The bunny being so cute is just the icing on the…Cake.

Again, this is not financial advice. I am a complete beginner, and Pancake Swap could easily fall apart at any time, putting me at a loss. But this article is not about my small gain in De-Fi land. It’s about how CAKE token changed my life.

My 100 percent return did not change my life. That extra $300 did not change my life. What Pancake Swap did for me was shift my entire mindset about money.

After this small win, I started investigating other safer forms of investing. I bought some stocks, opened an investment account with Betterment, and started throwing $5 at ETFs with high dividend yields. I began to see a point in saving money and saw the potential to build wealth in the long term.

I always thought betting on investments was not for me, but I was so wrong! Flipping CAKEs gave me a hunger for making my money work passively. It opened my eyes to the various opportunities rapidly popping up in our world. Many are scams, so when researching, use caution mixed with a bit of skepticism and intuition.

If you want to take advice from someone who knows nothing, follow my new crypto philosophy taken straight from the words of Richard Carlson in his book, Don’t Worry, Make Money

“…If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, isn’t always correct. In fact, suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities.”

Just because something is too good to be true doesn’t mean it can’t make you a lot of cash…at least for now.

If I can get 100% ROI in 3 months on my first crypto trade with close to zero knowledge, you can too.

Follow me to come along on my new crypto journey! I cover travel and location-independent income streams.

Now I’m off to enjoy a fresh stack of syrup covered pancakes. Writing this article definitely put me in the mood for a scrumptious breakfast.

Simply Scrumptious


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