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How I am Building an Open slack community to help myself and other to learn about crypto?

I am building an open slack community(invitation link ) for crypto learners which grew more than 500 members in its 1st month.

Why I am doing it?

In 2017 Crypto currency market grew more than 1200% a reached more than 500 billion dollars. So there must be something interesting. It got my attention too like everyone else, At first it was money, I created an account on a crypto exchange, put a small amount of money and in few days I almost doubled my investment. Wow that’s good, isn’t it?

But I wanted to learn every aspect of it(tech, business, history, future scopes). I started reading articles and every other source which I found useful. This also helped me to invest in crypto. But the Crypto market is full of Fear, uncertainty and doubt(FUD). So i created a slack community where i can discuss my opinions and doubts with everyone else.

How its helping me and others ?

It really helps to talk to like-minded peoples and most of the time i end up learning something new. Crypto space is big and growing at maximum speed. Every day there are bunch of ICOs going live. It’s very difficult to get all the information by yourself. Our Slack community helped me get to know about many new things. We discuss our various doubts and news, investment strategies and lot of other things. The best part you get to know so many people with different areas. example -devs, traders, VCs, entrepreneurs. It’s a win-win situation for both me and other.


Adding things to get Information fast

Slack is awesome when it comes to integration and custom programmatic bots and apps. I created a Bot and app which help members to get information quickly while in the discussion.I will list them for now and will describe each one in the future post.
1- Getting the Current price

2-Getting Chart for a currency

3-Getting information about ICOs

4-Getting Price moment Signals (This is very useful for traders)

If you are interested in Crypto space and want to do investment or just learn about it. Come join us .

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