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How to buy Cryptocurrency on a Foreign exchange (from India)?

Everyone is talking about Cryptocurrencies nowadays and It’s becoming bigger and bigger day by day. So if you want to buy some other currencies which are not available on Indian Exchange than you can use Bittrex.

I use kionex but they have their own limitations, there are only 5 currencies and the price change also a little bit shaky and they will show you middle finger at most important times. So I started using bittrex , They have more than 300 currencies and their price change with the market also very good.

First create an account on bittrex it’ll ask you photo and one identity, Use webcam and give more like selfi type pic, not a passport type pic. It’ll process fast and your account will activate as soon as your identity get processed.

Next you need to use any indian Exchange like kionex , zebpay , unocoin to buy bitcoin (If you have some other cryptocurrency , that will also work , i’ll explain it below.)

So now you have some bitcoin, you need to transfer it to bittrex. Go to bittrex and click on wallet on top menu. Search BTC , there will be a + symbol , use that to generate a new address and then transfer your bitcoin to that address.

Once your bitcoin get transferred you can use those bitcoin to buy any currency . Bittrex is Any Crypto ←→Bitcoin exchange, it means you can’t use real money. All trade happens between Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency. So it mean when you sell anything on bittrex you’ll get BTC and you can buy anything only using BTC.

So now if you have any other currency than bitcoin that you can transfer that to bittrex and than simply sell it, you’ll get bitcoin against selling that currency, use those bitcoin to buy other currencies.


You can do the same above process on Binance exhange and able to buy and trade there alsoo. You can read about Binance here. It’s also a coin to coin exchange like Bittrex. So now you have two exchanges .

I’ll continuously update on this article with more exchanges . So please Subscribe.

Also i have created a Slack group for those who are interested in Cryptocurrencies. We usually talk about all the aspect of it. So come join us. Join up here. .

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