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How to develop a dApp on Polygon?

What are the major limitations of Ethereum?

  • One of the main challenges for the Ethereum network is its low throughput. It can only manage 30 transactions every second and has comparatively low throughput concerning the other second-generation blockchain.
  • The average transaction fee is dollar 51.45 on the Ethereum chain. Although, the accurate fees are calculated via the supply and demand mechanism of the miners functioning on-chain.
  • Ethereum does not have interoperability because of which it is not entitled to allow the Ethereum compatible blockchains to communicate with each other.
  • With no particular protocol to link these blockchains, Ethereum has major development issues and thus leads to fragmentation of the ecosystem.

How does Polygon solve the Ethereum limitations?

  • Polygon facilitates the single-click deployment of the encoded blockchain networks.
  • It provides an evolving set of modules to build custom networks.
  • With the help of its interoperability protocol, Polygon permits Ethereum and other blockchain networks to interact and share messages between them.
  • It improves the security layer on the blockchains with the help of its modular ‘security-as-service’, which also functions as an option.
  • Polygon has adaptor modules that help boost the interoperability in the existing blockchain networks.

Why should you consider dApp development on the Polygon Platform?

dApp development on Polygon

Developer Quick Start

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