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How To Earn Passive Income with Cake DeFi: A Tutorial

Cake DeFi scores highly on trustpilot — read on to find out why!

Overview of The Dashboard

Logging into Cake DeFi brings you into an overview of your current asset holdings, total rewards earned and daily cashflow. Earnings from staking, lending, liquidity mining, freezer and referrals; as well as current asset allocation are nicely represented in a graphical format for easy interpretation. Scrolling down the page reveals details of your cryptocurrency assets in terms of its allocation and total value.

Comprehensive summary of account holdings in Cake DeFi dashboard

How To Make Your First Deposit?

The first step to beginning your investment journey is to deposit coins into Cake DeFi. In this example, I will be using Bitcoin to illustrate the deposit process. Simply click on deposit and select your desired transfer network.

Ensure transfer network is correct.
DFI at a glance
Cake DeFi offers staking, lending & liquidity mining services to help you earn passive cashflow.

Liquidity Mining

Assets available for liquidity mining
Liquidity mining pools available on Cake DeFi
Decentralized assets
Auto-staking liquidity mining rewards are a great way to quickly grow your staking returns!
DeFiChain Swap
BTC-DFI pool
Swapping 0.5 bitcoin to DFI for entry into liquidity mining
Adding liquidity
Simple mode
A comparison between traditional and decentralized stocks. Image taken from the defichain blog.
Swapping assets into dUSD


Assets available for staking
Staking on Cake DeFi
Buying Staking shares


Cake DeFi also offers lending services, allowing you to earn a passive income on your bitcoins, ether, USD Tether as well as USD Coin.

Lending on Cake DeFi
Lending batches on Cake DeFi
Entering a lending batch

The Freezer

The Freezer can be likened to a loyalty programme that rewards users for committing funds to Cake DeFi for a certain period of time, ranging from 1 month up to 10years. It is available for funds allocated to the Staking & Liquidity Mining products.

The Freezer on Cake DeFi
At a glance
Introduction to DeFi, taken from the youtube channel of Defi Chain.

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