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How to Navigate the Crypto Bull and Bear Markets

How to Navigate the Crypto Bull and Bear Markets

What is a crypto bull market?

Bull market characteristics

  • Sustainable price increase over a long time
  • Large trading volumes
  • Increased demand
  • Weak supply
  • Optimistic investors
  • Sudden demand for crypto investment among big business houses, celebrities, etc.
  • Small dips in prices
  • Huge price hikes over good events
  • High liquidity

What is a crypto bear market?

Bear market characteristics

  • Low demand
  • Increased supply
  • Fall in trading volumes
  • Lack of investor confidence
  • Low liquidity
  • High unemployment rates

Crypto bull versus bear market

Factors to consider before investing in bull and bear markets

  • Stay above rumors and market news. FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) makes investors suspicious and harms their sentiment. Traders tend to sell their assets from the fear of losing money in the future. FOMO (fear of missing out) is just the opposite of FUD — investors get carried away with some good news or events and sell their holdings to make huge profits, overlooking the current market trend.
  • Diversify your investments. Expand your portfolio. Instead of investing in one particular asset, it is best to consider different cryptocurrencies. Study the market, plan out strategies, and visualize your entry and exit from the market.
  • It is best to hold assets for the long term. The crypto market is volatile, but it has always been favorable to investors who hold assets for long periods.
  • Leverage the market trends. The crypto market will always fluctuate. A bull market only lasts for a specific period and is followed by a bearish market. Even a bearish market has loops and holes where you can make profits. Investors can make short-term profits through betting, short selling, and staking.
  • Take hold of your emotions. Crypto markets are likely to fluctuate. Do not let your emotions run your trading.. Instead, it is important to adjust your strategies depending on the market. It will also help to diversify your assets.



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