How to publish an EIP in 2023

Gaurang (GT) Torvekar
3 min readApr 13, 2023


A guide based on my personal experience of publishing ERC-5606

Publishing an EIP is a significant milestone in any developer’s career because you contribute to the blockchain paradigm and help shape the narrative in a small but meaningful way! An EIP standard could be used not only on the main Ethereum L1 blockchain but also on an EVM-compatible sidechain and the myriad of ever-popular L2s.

Ethereum Improvement Proposal

Before we get into the details of how to publish an EIP, let’s first understand —

What exactly IS an EIP?

EIP stands for ‘Ethereum Improvement Proposal’. It is a process curated by the community which creates new standards that are then used widely, resulting in billions, if not trillions, of TVL!

Some of the most famous examples are ERC-20 (the token standard), ERC-721 (the NFT standard), ERC-1155 (multi-NFT standard) and most recently, ERC-4337 (account abstraction)!

Now that we know what an EIP is, let’s get into the details of how to publish an EIP in 2023.

Note — this is my experience of writing an ‘ERC’ standard. The process for a ‘core’ EIP may vary wildly and would require a lot more collaboration and multiple stakeholders.

EIP writing process —

  • IMP — Go through this…