How to survive in the crypto market barely

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2 min readNov 10, 2022


Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

Another major blow in the crypto market — the collapse of FTX. If you joined in the crypto space and still here for more than a decade. You thought you had seen enough. Apparently, you have not!

You knew crypto is volatile and gambling-like, but you still want to enter? Why?!

Having cash on hand is way safer than crypto, but you still want in.

You hope one day, you can become a millionaire with your crypto shill, but people always stand in front of you to block your dream.

In Crypto, the rule is there is no rule.

People in and out quick and bank run-like events happening all the time that you do not realize how frequently this has happened.

The gold rule of “not your phrase, not your wallet” has been evolved into “not your wallet, not your money”.

You know you are luring into a crypto exchange to put your money to earn a dreaming rate with the huge risk of defaulting one day that you cannot even withdraw your money faster.

Yet you still are going to put your hard-earned money into someone’s hands without considering put into a bank that is safer than someone you thought you knew.

There are so many people getting rich in crypto, but many more people lost their money in crypto. Yet you do not care about losing but the pursuit of winning it all.

You hope one day, crypto will turn 1,000% and it did in a decade. But along the decade, there are 75 well-known crypto exchanges shut down of total of around 500 already. Never mind, you still got 500 more exchanges alive.

No problem, you will pick one of the best and biggest crypto exchanges and put your life-saving into their hands because crypto is the future.

Another decade is the winning strike.

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