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RYI Unity and Hummingbird Finance go into a strategic development partnership to build the largest NFT launchpad on Binance Smart chain

Adding the technology that Swyft has developed is a major investment and addition to our platform offerings and a big step forward for Hummingbird Finance (HMNG). The strategic partnership with HMNG and RYI Unity gives HMNG the competitive edge in a growing and exciting marketplace.
Bryden McKinnie CEO HMNG.

The Hummingbird Finance community are excited to welcome Swyft project holders and their community into our network. As part of the acquisition all Swyft token holders will be airdropped our NestSwap platform governance token: HEGG. A full timetable of the transition will be published to holders and announced in their Telegram group and on Twitter. All the communities will have the opportunity to ask questions on a Twitter Chat (TBA).

Your NFT project launch solution

What is an NFT and launch process?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is a type of digital certificate built on a Binance smart chain (BSC) that guarantees ownership of a unique digital asset. Minting digital assets (everything from art to music to articles) as an NFT is a way for artists to monetize their work.

The launchpad will be able to support companies with a full service, start to finish NFT launch. We will build the NFT smart contracts and prepare a presale/ whitelist website for the presale. Thus, taking a lot of the work and difficulties away from the client. The client will simply submit their designs to our team and we will begin the process.

BSC NFT Launchpad Minting

Many companies and organisations are wanting to launch their own NFT collections and our expertise in the industry allows our technology is were we come in using the technology that the Swyft project developed.

What about VIPSs/whitelisting?

Through our smart contract development we will host a white listed NFT presale tailored to the clients needs. site with a theme of your choosing. You will have complete control over the management of your whitelist event. We are just here to make it happen!


Once a whitelist has concluded a project will have the opportunity to host a presale on a tailored website. Dates and sale duration can be chosen to suit.


Each project will have the opportunity to select the supply of their NFT collection. This can be tailored based of speciality traits, rarity, smart NFTs and customized completely to the projects request. Once the project has completed the presale the NFTs will then be revealed and minted.


If you have any question about the new partnership our would like to learn how you can launch your NFT collection with us please contact the CEO, Bryden McKinnie on Telegram or send an email.

Become a partner

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What is HEGG and where to buy it?

Hummingbird Egg (HEGG) is the governance token of NestSwap, our very own decentralised exchange. Head over to to buy, trading pair HEGG/BNB.

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Hummingbird Finance & NestSwap

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