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Ethereum after dark — source

India plans to ban crypto trading / Eth 2.0 is ready to go live / Regulators are tightening their grip everywhere

I am sorry, I F**ked up — Sushi lead developers return $14 million

Sushi’s lead developer Chef Nomi returns his $14 million to Sushi treasury and apologies for not meeting the expectation of the community.

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Latest News 📰

  • India Plans to Introduce Law to Ban Cryptocurrency Trading
  • An investor in Gnosis, one of the original DeFi protocols, calls on the project to pay back investors
  • US Regulators to Introduce Unified Rules for Crypto Companies
  • Nigeria Regulates Crypto After Bowing to Bitcoin Adoption
  • Ethereum 2.0 Gets One Last ‘Dress Rehearsal’ Before Launch
  • DeFi Lender bZx Reclaims $8M Stolen in Sunday’s Attack
  • User Profiling Can Help Regulators Identify Illegal Crypto Activity, Says FATF
  • SEC Charges Rapper TI With Securities Violations for Promoting 2017 ICO
  • MicroStrategy Buys $175M More in Bitcoin, Upping BTC Holdings to $425M
  • Japanese Crypto Exchange Accuses Binance of Helping Launder $9M From 2018 Hack
  • Thai Central Bank’s New Blockchain-Enabled Bond Infrastructure Passes Test With $1.6B Bond Sale
  • ‘High’ Severity Bug in Bitcoin Software Revealed 2 Years After Fix
  • EU Aims for Tight Grip on Digital Currencies to Stave Off Risks
  • Yam is ready again 🚀
  • Yearn is going to compete with MakerDAO
  • More than 100K BTC now locked in DeFi protocols

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  • Hack the Rambow — Near protocol
  • The Eth2 Medalla Data Challenge

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