Is Cudos in for a Big Surprise?

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Cudos has been teasing something new in the form of Aura Pool since last week, which has created quite a buzz among the Cudos community. That sparked my interest in Aura Pool, and I started out to discover what Aura Pool may add to the Cudos ecosystem. So, for that, I gathered all accessible information and attempted to guess what Aura Pool is all about. So keep reading until the end to find out what information I discovered and what an Aura Pool can be.

Aura Pool Twitter Account

So far, Aura Pool is communicating only through Twitter, so it’s obvious that we will have to start looking into Aura Pool’s Twitter to find something. Aura Pool has tweeted four times, three of which may be useful in learning more about them.

Aura Pool made their first tweet on October 4, 2022, which quotes “Hashpower sitting in your wallet,” which you can see below.

From this tweet and the name itself, “Aura Pool,” it indicates some kind of mining pool where you can earn.

This leads to Aura Pool’s second tweet, which quotes “Bitcoin Rewards Made Easy,” which you can see here.

This indicates that through Aura Pool, you might be able to earn Bitcoin.

Aura Pool’s third tweet discusses bringing Utility.

This suggests that the CUDOS token may have utility with this Aura pool, as the CUDOS official began retweeting the tweets from the Aura pool.

Information collected from Cudos’ side.

As this is all about bringing more value to the CUDOS ecosystem, I started digging deep into CUDOS posts. Soon after retweeting the Aura Pool tweet, CUDOS tweeted about tokenizing infrastructure; you can see that tweet here.

This could be a hint that Aura Pool is also involved, but we haven’t heard anything from Cudos yet.

Finally, I got some more leads from Cudos CEO’s last Twitter space, where he was answering questions asked by the community, and while answering one question, he said:

The tokenised infrastructure is where we’re enabling service providers — data centres, storage providers, renewable energy mining farms — to tokenise infrastructure. We’re using an NFT as a way to have a legal, transferable contract that people can then trade publicly. That enables people to earn in CUDOS, which also brings further utility for the token.

By the end of January, we should have about $100 million of infrastructure available on the network. We’ve got our first order for about $2 million of that infrastructure. And users are incentivised to get paid in CUDOS. So that will bring in substantial utility for our token over the next six months.”

You can listen to the Twitter space, or you can read AMA highlights published by CUDOS.

So far, we have come down to the idea that Aura Pool might be a mining pool where you can mine Bitcoin, and Matt is mentioning that renewable mining farms will be using their tokenized infrastructure. He also mentioned that they have ordered $2 million of some infrastructure.


This is all the information I have collected so far, and using this information, if I had to guess what Aura Pool might be, according to my guess, it’s going to be a mining pool that will use cloud infrastructure provided by CUDOS and where you might be able to delegate your CUDOS to earn Bitcoin or CUDOS. which will bring utility to Cudos. This is significant because Cudos already has an order for $2 million in infrastructure.


This is all I know about the aura pool.I might be completely wrong or partially wrong; I don’t have any information about what the Aura pool is going to be. This article is a combination of all the information I found and my assumptions based on that information. Please don’t make any financial decisions after reading this article.

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