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Is the $100 Bill in your Wallet, Money, or Something that has No Value?

The first official currency is thought to have been created in 600 B.C. by King Alyattes of Lydia, now part of Turkey. However, the present system of currency has a vague future. Let’s try and find out why?

What is money?

What Happens when the Government Controls the Money?

Jews During WWII (Source: AnneFrank.Org)

What is Money?

What does the term money mean in the present era?

2008 Financial Crisis (Source: The balance)

The aftermath of failure

Why would you want a transition to something else?

Bitcoin vs Gold (Source: Forbes)

What are the alternatives to FIAT?

Bitcoin in Making

What do Cryptocurrencies change?

Statue of Satoshi (Creator of Bitcoin)

Is it too volatile? Yes. Will it stay that way?

So in the end, what’s going to happen?

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