Is uncollateralized lending crypto's next leg down?

12 min readOct 6, 2022


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Lending protocols like Aave, which create liquidity, increase purchasing power, and so on, are one of the most potent aspects of DeFi.

The problem with first-generation lending protocols is that you must provide collateral to borrow against, which is inefficient in terms of capital. Users will be hesitant to provide $1000 in BTC as collateral to borrow $750. Furthermore, protocol risks and thefts can cause you to lose your collateral!

I see a new upcoming narrative in the market: uncollateralized lending. These protocols provide loans to institutions and even users with unsecured loans!- meaning loans without collateral.
Is it the next innovation, or will this lead to crypto's next leg down?

This article will cover some uncollateralized lending platforms, their comparison, and my thoughts on them.

  1. Different types of lending platforms
  2. Maple Finance
  3. Goldfinch
  4. Clearpool
  5. Trufi
  6. RocFi
  7. Atlendis
  8. Comparison
  9. My thoughts




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