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It was my goal to earn a million dollars in profit within five years of trading, but the results were $1,290,000.

Here is the formula for buying signals

  1. If the daily RSI is greater than the moving average of the RSI, we are in an uptrend.
  2. The EMA 60 in a 4 hour candle should be greater than the EMA 120, and the EMA 120 should be greater than the EMA 300
  3. The close price of the 4 hour candle should be higher than all of these EMAs
  4. Supertrend should be calculated from the low, and ATR multiplier should be set at 1

The main selling signal is

  1. As long as we are above HMA 300 of the 4 hour candle close, we won’t sell.
  2. In order to sell, we must be in profit by at least 3%
  3. The high should be used as a source of Supertrend, and 1 should be used as the multiplier for ATR

Second sell signal in a bear market

  1. The 4 hour candle close is below the 300 EMA
  2. As well as setting 3 as the ATR multiplier, we need to provide the high as the source of the Supertrend

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