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Joe Rogan met a former Islamic extremist for 3 hours. This happened next.

We’re In A Hybrid War

States Are No Longer Serving Their People, But the Reverse

In Prison in Eqypt, the Joke Was:

Today’s Governments Are Looking for To Increase Their Power

In the UK, Right to Silence in a Counter-Terrorist Investigation is Criminal Offence

When Science Said, The Vax Would Protect Indefinitely …

The Spare Kidney Argument:

Labelling People Antivaxxers Has Sole Purpose of Shutting Down Debate

Introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBCDs)

CBDCs Won’t Be Money, They’ll Be Vouchers/Coupons

We Are At a Gutenberg-Style Inflection Point

Today’s Conflicts Are Really about Centralization vs Decentralization, the Powerful vs the powerless

There Will Be Short-term Pain

We May Get a Decentralized World, which will be Much Better

Hannah Arendt wrote about totalitarianism in WWII Germany (in, The Banality of Evil)

What’s currently happening is a revolution in the wrong direction.

Scary Anecdotes:

The Elephant in the Room is The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

With Russian/Ukraine, the imperative is: Avoid driving Russia further into the arms of China

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