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Join Forever Incentivized Beta App Testing

Forever Beta App Testing

Eligibility Criteria For Beta Testing

  1. Head over to Forever’s website and sign up:
  2. Join their Discord channel:
  3. Provide their Discord username in the Steps dashboard.
  4. Lastly, head over to their Twitter page:, follow and retweet the pinned post with the hashtags #Move2Earn #Web3 #ForeverToday #Nfts.

How To Participate In The Beta App Testing

  1. Download the Forever App from your Google Playstore (Android users) or Apple Store (IOS users) and set it up.
  2. The login Code for the App is on your Forever dashboard.
  3. After you log in, keep the App running as you take a walk, run, drive or ski.
  4. And Open the App once a day to upload your steps to their servers and look at the current team standings!
  5. Only the first 500 that download, log in and start collecting steps will be rewarded.
  6. The official steps competition starts on May 15th. Your steps data from the beta period will zero out when the official competition kicks off on May 15th.

Duration For The Beta Testing

Campaign Rewards:

  1. The reward for the beta testing is a pool prize of 500 ALEX Tokens for the first 500 users that download/install the Forever App.
  2. Only the first 500 users that download/install their Mobile Application and complete all tasks will qualify for their beta test rewards.

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